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A Clatter of Jars
A Clatter of Jars

Someone may be stealing their memories, but this is one summer they'll never forget...
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The companion novel to 
National Book Award nominee 
A Tangle of Knots! 

Just like every kid at Camp Atropos, Liliana Vera has a very unusual Talent—she can move objects with her mind. One camper can heat objects with his hands, another can tell precisely when someone is lying, and one kid can even pull memories from one person and transfer them to someone else. With hundreds of friends to make and lots of exciting activities on the schedule, Camp Atropos seems like the perfect place to spend a summer.

But after a jar with a strange glowing light at its center is dropped to the bottom of Lake Atropos, dangerous things begin to happen. And when Lily and the others discover that they've been gathered for a reason, it will take all their Talents to set things right.

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School Library Journal
Readers may remember other Talented characters from A Tangle of Knots, but it’s not necessary to have read it to keep up here. Camp director Jo is a complex and sympathetic villain, making an original story even more unique. The tale comes full circle sweetly, with a fun twist that connects lives from both books in an unexpected way . . . Graff is a master of the magical realism genre, and this offering is worthy of a spot in any middle grade collection.

Graff’s writing is consistently excellent, and she once again deftly weaves each character’s story together until the denouement . . . A Clatter of Jars will appeal to wide range of readers. 

Graff’s vivid character development and world building makes for tight plotting and nicely negotiable complexity. A great fit for fans of Louis Sachar’s Holes.

Publishers Weekly
[A] warmhearted companion to A Tangle of Knots. 

Memorable . . . A novel that rewards a second—or even a third—reading.

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Spring 2016
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