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Frequently asked questions about 
The Thing About Georgie

Q: In The Thing About Georgie, the main character, Georgie, is a dwarf. Are you a dwarf, or do you know any?

A: I'm not a dwarf (in fact, I'm quite tall). I have met a few dwarfs, but I did not know any when I began writing the book.

Q: So why did you want to write about a dwarf then?

A: I wanted to write about someone who was different from everyone around him in an obvious, physical way. Dwarfism is a particularly unusual condition, in that many dwarfs are born to parents of average height, which meant that Georgie could be unique not only within his community but within his family as well.

Q: Why do you use the word "dwarf?" Why don't you say "little person?"

A: There's never any right way to sum up a group of people with a single word, since all of those people are themselves individuals, but when I did have to use such a word, I chose "dwarf," since the medical term for Georgie's condition is "dwarfism." Some people prefer to say "little person." 

Q: Where can I find more information about dwarfs?

A: Little People of America has a website with excellent information and resources. 
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The Thing About Georgie
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