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© 2021 Lisa Graff

Mr. Walker works hard. Every day, he stands in the window of his boxy little house on the corner of Broadway and Main, letting people know when it's safe to cross the street. Usually that is enough. But after a while, watching the world go by without him makes him feel small and unimportant. So he decides to jump down from his box and experience for himself all the wonderful things he’s seen from his post. 

Will his big adventures lure him away from his little corner for good?

With enchanting illustrations by Christophe Jacques, this is a sweet and satisfying tale about finding one's place in the world.
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Author Graff weaves a sweet, imaginative story about the little walk-sign man, and Jacques’ illustrations bring him to life in colorful, chalky illustrations. This un-pedestrian ode to road safety gets the green light.

Publishers Weekly
Jacques’s digital drawings, which combine a bright directness with a wealth of details and subtle textures, take the liberated Mr. Walker from simple pleasures (splashing in puddles, enjoying an airplane kiddie ride outside a store) to the marvelous (savoring a metropolis sunset from a spot that resembles New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park). . . . Certain to change the way readers regard the “Walk” signs in their world.