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Schools love Lisa's books! ​
The Great Treehouse War has been named to two state reading lists!
It Is Not Time for Sleeping has been named to one state reading list!
Lost in the Sun has been named to six state reading list!
Absolutely Almost has been named to fifteen state reading lists!
A Tangle of Knots has been named to seven state reading lists!​
Double Dog Dare has been named to seven state reading lists!​
Sophie Simon has been named to four state reading lists!​
Umbrella Summer has been named to ten state reading lists!​
Georgie has been named to ten state reading lists!

A Mighty Girl's 2017 Books of the Year
December 20, 2017
With a zany scenario based on real-life challenges facing many kids, The Great Treehouse War is sure to be a favorite.
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The Best Children's Books of 2017
December 16, 2017
Girls are funny, and Exhibit A is Funny Girl—a pitch-perfect collection of short stories and cartoons by the likes of Shannon Hale, Ursula Vernon, and Rita Williams-Garcia. Highlights include a babysitter facing off against evil twins, a noirish riff on childhood games, and a tale of maternal eccentricity that leads, inexorably, to a flaming bathtub.
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New Children's Book Provides Humor as It Takes on Divorce
August 8, 2017
Graff came into our studio to speak with reporter Peter Crimmins. She began by reading a passage from The Great Treehouse War, when Winnie's parents told her and her cat, Buttons, to come into the living room for an important talk.
Listen to the interview >

Three Delightful Summer Reads for 8-to-12-Year-Old Readers
June 12, 2017
In The Great Treehouse War, by Lisa Graff, all Winnie wants is to continue to be a good student, a friend, a cat lover, a doodler. But her feuding parents have taken over her life. They’re divorcing, with shared custody, and she’s quite literally stuck between them. The only days she has to herself are her “nothing special” Wednesdays. 
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13 Thoughtful Novels That Deal with Divorce for Tweens
May 19, 2017
Custody arrangements can be challenging for kids, but perhaps never more so than for Winnie. She spends three days a week with her mom, three days a week with her dad, and one day a week in a treehouse between her parents’ houses. After a year, Winnie is fed up and takes matters into her own hands—along with nine of her closest friends. What happens next is surprising, charming, and utterly unique.
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Three New Sets of Short Stories That Speak Volumes
May 14, 2017
It’s the most tired argument you could possibly have about comedy, but it happens over and over again: “Women aren’t funny.” Try again! To stop this conversation in its tracks, Funny Girl helps convince us (and, more importantly, kids and teens) that women are not only funny, but hilarious. Editor Betsy Bird has collected pieces from 25 funny and accomplished ladies for this anthology, an eclectic mix of topics and styles with a linking thread of pure glee.
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Funny Girl Is a Can't-Miss Collection of Hilarious Essays
May 12, 2017
What do you do when your older sister’s bra accidentally ends up in the toilet and you don’t discover it until after you’ve, um, “done your business?” Lisa Graff tells the story of sisters Deidre and Riley and The Great Bra Incident.
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Listen to Lisa on "NewsWorks Tonight"!
Lisa talks about humor, divorce, and The Great Treehouse War
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The Great Treehouse War is now in paperback!
"Graff’s whimsical, original work is a breath of fresh air." —SLJ
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Plan a school or Skype visit!
"The only thing better than the book itself was meeting author Lisa Graff."
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