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© 2021 Lisa Graff

Whether you're reading my books in the classroom or at home, there are so many ways to connect on an even deeper level! 
I'm very excited to be launching a series of free printables for teachers designed to help students fall in love with revising. (Yes, I swear it's possible!)
"The Revisioneers" are whip-smart word sleuths who use every tool in their literary toolbox to defeat the B.O.R.E.D. ("Bandits Opposing Really Excellent Drafts"). Each week during the 2020-2021 school year, I'm making available a new worksheet that introduces students to a different literary device they can use in their quest to vanquish boredom. Some of these devices are ones they may already be familiar with (alliterationmetaphor, etc.), while others will likely be new to them (epizeuxis, anyone?). These lessons are designed for students in 3rd through 8th grade
Download a sample set of worksheets here, or sign up using the form below to have all of the Revisioneers worksheets delivered straight to your email.
An author visit is more meaningful to a student if he or she can take a book home, and book sales can be a great way to earn a profit for your school. Ordering directly from a publisher is usually the most economical option. All of my publishers offer a 40% discount for bulk book sales to schools for author events. Local booksellers usually handle bulk orders, too, often at a heavy discount. My own local bookstore can even provide personalized books, signed by yours truly! Here are a few options for purchasing my books in bulk:
autographed copies!