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school visits
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Information about Skype Sessions

Interested in hosting a Skype session with me for your school or book club? I'd love to chat! 

What is a Skype session?
Skype sessions are online video chats, which are typically conducted in an informal, Q&A type format. They are intended for students or book club members who have read one or more of my books, and who are interested in participating in an interactive discussion session with me.

How long is a typical Skype session?
They usually run about 30 minutes.

How many students may participate?
The audience may be as small as a classroom or as large as an auditorium. The important thing is that everyone is able to see and hear.

How is the session conducted?
Students should prepare questions to ask ahead of time, and bring them to the Skype session. I will happily answer questions about my books, my life, writing in general . . . almost anything!

What equipment or software do I need for the event?
You should have a computer with internet connection, a screen for viewing, speakers, and a Skype account. You can sign up for a Skype account for free at www.skype.com.

What do I need to prepare before the event?
Prior to the event, you will need to test your Skype connection with me. The test should take place in the room where the session will be held, with the same equipment you will use on the day of the event, with no children present. This test typically takes place about a week before the event itself, and lasts about 2-10 minutes.​ You will also need to email me a list of the students' questions, at least 24 hours before the event. This is necessary in case of audio problems.

What do I need to do on the day of the event?
Students should be seated and ready to go at the designated time, with their prepared questions. You will be responsible for initiating contact with me at the prearranged time.

What are your rates and availability?
For more information about rates and scheduling, please contact me at lisacgraff@gmail.com.

Josephine Stringer / Librarian, Fort Worth Academy / Fort Worth, TX 
I have arranged for Lisa to Skype with several different classes and each time, our visit has been a great success! She invites her student audience into the author experience and let's them "see" what it is like to be a real author. I highly recommend Lisa for your next virtual author visit! 

Joan McClelland / Media Specialist, Mabry Elementary / Tampa, FL
Mabry students and teachers enjoyed our Skype visit with Lisa Graff. The interaction between Lisa and the students was very personal even though we were miles apart. They talked one on one with her, learned about her writing process, and even saw her in her office with her cat. We all feel like we have a new friend who is a famous author!

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