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The Horn Book
Like the Wayside School series . . . this spoof tickles the funny bone with witty observations and ridiculous situations.

Claudia Mills
author of 7 x 9 = Trouble! and the After-School Superstars series
Sophie Simon is a hilarious hoot!
Third-grader Sophie Simon is one smart cookie. In her spare time, she makes robots out of toothpicks and operates on earthworms. But does that impress Sophie's parents? No, sir. Sophie's parents wish their daughter was more "well-adjusted." They wish she had at least one friend. But Sophie knows that friends are a waste of time . . . That is until Sophie encounters a problem that is too big for even a genius to solve all by herself.
  • Florida Sunshine State Young Readers List
  • Indiana Young Hoosier Book Award
  • Oregon Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award
  • Texas Horned Toad Tales Master List
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