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© 2021 Lisa Graff

Juno meets Aliens, sort of, in this wacky debut novel. Sixteen-year-old Elvie Nara’s wisecracking voice is the perfect vehicle for her description of encounters with threatening aliens. An extremely clever premise that is skillfully carried off by the authors.

This science-fiction–comic romp set in a space-based school for pregnant teens hits the funny bone and adds in an alien conflict for good measure. . . . Fans of science fiction and zany comedy should both be satisfied. Pure fun.

The Ever-Expanding Universe series drips with sci-fi kitsch, including ray-gun-toting aliens and 1980s John Hughes nostalgia. There’s something refreshing about these witty, cursing, sarcastic teen mothers in space, led by a sharp, knowledgeable, and vulnerable young heroine.
audio book!
Writing under the pen name Isla Neal (along with her amazing co-author Martin Leicht), Lisa Graff steps into the world of young adult fiction with this zany, hilarious, unexpected sci-fi series.
If Elvie Nara could do it over again, she probably would not have enrolled at the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers for her her junior year of high school. Orbiting Earth in a decommissioned space cruiser loses some of its charm when there's a baby practicing karate on your bladder. Then again, she probably wouldn't have gotten involved with sweet-but-dumb Cole Archer in the first place, since he's the bozo who got her pregnant and then bailed. The only thing that could possibly make Elvie's year any worse would be if, say, the ship were attacked by ray gun-toting commandos, and the school's faculty turned out to be totally evil. Oh, and if Cole Archer were one of the commandos. Yeah, that'd be worse.
When it turns out that Elvie's baby is not the perfect bundle of joy she was expecting, the Almiri completely freak out. Suddenly Elvie's supposed allies have shipped her—along with her father, her best friend, Ducky, and her maybe-boyfriend, bonehead Cole Archer—off to a remote "retention facility" (aka alien jail) in Antarctica. Talk about cold. But things get really complicated when a new group of hybrid aliens arrives with information that sends Elvie's world spinning. Before long, Elvie is trekking across the bottom of Earth with a band of friends and frenemies to uncover the secrets of her own origin. If only Dr. Spock had written a book about this.
After the past year turned Elvie's life on its head, you'd think that rescuing her infant child from the kid's not-so-dead grandmother and the evil Dr. Marsden would be a piece of cake. And it is—assuming you like your cake in the shape of hijacked spaceships, seedy orbiting ozone-processing facilities, and cryptic ancient Martian secrets. Elvie jets off into the cosmos with only one goal: Get. Her. Baby. Back. But on the eve of all-out planetary war, things can get hairy quickly. Soon newly discovered truths will lead Elvie to the forgotten origins of life on Earth and into a confrontation that could determine the fates of no less than four species desperate to survrive. You know, just your average Wednesday.