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© 2021 Lisa Graff

  • Alabama Camellia Children's Choice Award
  • Connecticut Nutmeg Book Award
  • Florida Sunshine State Readers Award
  • Illinois Bluestem Readers' Choice Award
  • Iowa Children's Choice Award
  • Massachusetts Children's Book Award
  • New Jersey Garden State Book Award
  • Oklahoma Children's Sequoyah Master List
  • Texas Great Mosquito List
  • Scholastic Teacher's 50 Brilliant Books for Summer
  • A Mighty Girl's Best Book of the Year
Winnie’s parents have an unusual plan to keep everything "equal" after their divorce. Winnie will live three days a week with her mom, three days with her dad—and spend Wednesdays all by herself in a treehouse smack in between their houses. But when their attempts at fairness get even more ridiculous, Winnie decides she has no choice but to barricade herself in her treehouse until her parents come to their senses—and her friends decide to join her. It’s kids versus grown-ups, and no one wants to back down first. But with ten kids in one treehouse, all with their own demands, Winnie discovers that things can get complicated.
School Library Journal
It’s kids vs. parents in epic fashion, and Graff’s not-quite-fantasy world is every kid’s dream. All of the frustrations young people feel with their parents during a divorce are hilariously hyperbolized in a way that will make children feel vindicated and less alone. . . . Graff’s whimsical, original work is a breath of fresh air. A strong addition to any middle grade collection.

Publishers Weekly
In this appealing faux-memoir, 11-year-old Winnie Malladi-Maraj is caught in a tug-of-war between her divorced parents. Unable to find perfect parity as they compete to spend holidays with their daughter, they embark on a ridiculous rash of one-upmanship, celebrating Flag Day, National Slinky Day, and World UFO Day in outlandish, time-consuming ways that leave Winnie more stressed than impressed. . . . Graff structures her story as a "collective memoir" that Winnie and her friends put together in hopes of winning a writing contest and avoiding flunking; editorial comments from her friends offering editorial commentary are scattered throughout on sticky notes, along with maps, memos, emails, cartoons, and how-to guides, creating a vibrant patchwork of personalities that gives voice to the power of friendship.

TIME for Kids
Kids would love this book because it is based on a girl almost everybody can relate to. . . It is funny and has a great story line. . . I could not put it down.

Combining over-the-top storytelling with down-home wisdom, this appealing chapter book is easy to booktalk and fun to read.
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