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© 2017 Lisa Graff
What you'll need:
  • copy of bookmark template (at left)

  • scissors

  • hole puncher
  • 1 craft stick
  • 1 brad (paper fastener)
  • glue or glue stick
  • markers, crayons, or stickers for decorating OR decorative paper (such as card stock, note paper, or scrapbook paper)
umbrella bookmark template
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How to Make an Umbrella Summer Bookmark

What could be more fun than an umbrella-shaped bookmark that you can open and close depending on your mood? They're quick and easy to make, and very useful, too!

What to do:

1. Print a copy of this umbrella bookmark template:
lots of umbrella bookmarks!
umbrella bookmark
2. Cut out all the pieces of the template.

3. Use your hole puncher to punch out the holes at the top of each piece.

4. Decorate the front of each piece, using markers, stickers, or whatever you like (the sides with the letters a, b, c will be the backs of each umbrella piece). Or you can trace the pieces onto pretty colored paper.

5. Place one of the (a) pieces front-side down, and glue the craft stick to the back.

6. Poke the brad through the hole in the top of piece (a), so that the prongs are standing up. Then place the two (b) pieces on top of the brad, front-side down. Make sure the curvy sides of the umbrella are on the outside. 

7. Repeat with the two (c) pieces.

8. Dab a tiny bit of glue on the craft stick, and place the remaining (a) piece on top, front-side up. Press all the pieces together until they are good and stuck. 

9. Fold down the prongs of the brad, and you're finished! You can keep your umbrella bookmark closed when you feel like getting a little more sunshine, or leave it open as you see fit.
Umbrella Summer bookmark
gluing down the stick
almost done...
a finished umbrella!
pressing the pieces together
cutting out the pieces
punching holes
laying down the pieces